Our Cornering Consciousness

Cornering Consciousness is a record of our travels, but it’s also the point of our adventures – elevate our consciousness, take in the moments on the land, the water, the trails and the highway. We’ve gone through a few vehicles along the way – kayaks, motorcycles, mountain and road bikes, an old Miata, a Yukon, a tricked-out third generation Montero, and a Hummer H3, but for the time being we’ve settled into a purpose-built generation 2.5 Mitsubishi Montero with the Winter Package for overlanding. Check out our two-wheeled adventures at UTADV.

The corners range from off-roadfour-wheel drive adventuring, to mountain bike trails, lakes and the Pacific Ocean; from the Pacific Coast Highway to what we’ve dubbed the Grand Staircase Highway, from St. George to San Simeon, from Monument Valley to the Valley of the Gods to Yosemite to Zion National Park, and dozens of secret spots in between. We’re hoping you might find some inspiration from these pages to do the same.