Bucket List: Isolette

I’ve had a life of peak experiences and am looking forward to more, one in particular that I want to share here. A decade ago I wrote and recorded an album, Never Too Late, on which is a song called Isolette.

From the liner notes:”Listen closely to the first song on the album and you’ll hear the struggling breath of a newborn, the pulse of his telemetry, the delivery of oxygen, and the presence of hope and determination contained in an isolette.”

The music is about my oldest son’s initiation to life, which wasn’t a kind one, as he spent it inside a plexiglass crib that kept him warm and protected in his vulnerable state at birth. My incredible friend, Ed Candland, transcribed and arranged the song for an ensemble and was played by DSU music faculty and other musicians at a concert of new music through the coordination of another dear friend, Dr. Glenn Webb on the 27th of March at DSU’s Eccle’s Auditorium.

The extraordinary musicians who performed Isolette:

Ed Candland, conductor

Audrey Wood, clarinet

Lexie Johnston, violin

Kiley Kolodziej, violin

April Nielsen, violin

Kirsten Candland, viola

Kamille Brooks, cello

Dr. Ka-Wai Yu, cello

Dr. Robert Matheson, double bass

Heather Carroll, piano

Dr. Glenn Webb, vibraphone

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