Before MCL/After MCL

When I got the call on that February 5th with my results and diagnosis I was sitting behind the wheel of this thing, getting ready to take it out for one last test drive before I handed over the check. Instead I sat there, stunned at the turn my life had just taken. Certainly this wasn’t the time to be buying a new overland project.

I walked the keys back into the sales office and said I had to process a few more things. I went home and broke the news to Mindy. Those ripples radiate and rebound fast and the ground leaves our feet; disruption of a temporal sort.

The result of my colonoscopy was positive with a diagnosis of stage four Mantle Cell Lymphoma, a rare and incurable blood cancer manifest in a tumor in my colon.

Living with one who balances well with disruption, we defaulted to our bucket lists and realized since I just liquidated all previous overland trucks, we needed one to take us now on our new adventures, so that afternoon we went back and picked up the Tahoe.

I spent the following six months in chemotherapy and in the barn working on the Tahoe build turning it into the White Rhino Overland Vehicle or what we call the WRōV. It was good to focus on a project and keep my mind occupied with something other than my own mortality.

The cancer industrial complex has done away with prognoses, too much of a liability I’d guess, which left me to turn to online forums and groups where all MCL patients were dealing with that time question. Some were going on twelve, thirteen years. Others didn’t make it to nine months. There’s nothing definitive outside the law of averages.

So, Cornering Consciousness now has a median in time, before MCL/after MCL, and has a deeper, maybe even a more literal meaning as we step up our adventure game and knock some items off that bucket list.

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