Bucket List: Fence

While this is not a vehicle-based adventure, work of any kind on what’s left of this old farm is always an adventure and challenge.

This area yielded a wonderful garden last growing season and this year would be no different with Mindy’s mission to grow our own food for the table, pantry and root cellar to keep me in better check from chemicals and pesticides. To do so required a fence to keep the deer and a few of our neighbors out, which also meant replacing the fence that was wiped out from high winds earlier that winter.

With the announcement of my diagnosis came many who wanted to help us out in some way, so when I was asked, “What can we do?” I said, “Help us build a fence.”

And they did. Taylor and Sandra drove from the midwest and jumped at the chance to help out, along with my daughter Addie and her husband, Bryan, my son Chris and his son/foreman of the job, Jonathan, who was tended by his administrative assistant and sweet mother, Treashell.

They knocked this out in three days and not long after Mindy had her garden growing all from seed she started back in March in our indoor greenhouse.

It’s been our hallowed ground ever since.

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